Vol. XXVIII - 1936

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Vol. XXVIII - 1936








L'observatorie Astronomique de L'université


de Tartu (Dorpat)




NºNº 1-7 (1934-1936)


Nº 1. Stellar Distribution and the Law of Chance. Third paper. By Ernst Öpik with the collaboration of Miss Lydia Pitka. (PDF)

Nº 2. Determination of Colour Equivalents of Stars According to Tikhoff's Method. Second paper. By Robert Livländer, Ernst Öpik and Oskar Silde. (PDF)




Fig. 1. Correlation of violet-blue colour index (UR) and Henry Draper Spectrum






Fig. 2. Correlation of violet-blue colour index (UR) and Mount Wilson spectrum.






Fig. 3. Correlation of violet-blue (UR) and photographic-visual (C) colour indices.





Nº 3. The Densities of Visual Binary Stars. By Jacob Gabovitš and Ernst Öpik. (PDF)




Fig.1. The observed correction of colour as function of spectral type.

Abscissae, spectral type, with numbers of individual stars in parentheses;

ordinates, the TiO correction of colour index.






Fig. 2. Density and absolute magnitude. Abscissae, absolute magnitudes;

ordinates, logarithms of density.






Fig. 3a. Frequency of density logarithms of the brighter components.

Abscissae, log ρ; ordinates, observed frequency.






Fig. 3b. Frequency of density logarithms of the fainter components.

Abscissae,log ρ; ordinates, observed frequency.






Nº 4. Ansätze zu einer expansionistischen Kinematik. Von J. Nuut. (PDF)

Nº 5. The TiO Colour Effect, and The Densities of M Stars. By Jacob Gabovitš. (PDF)

Nº 6. Researches on the Physical Theory of Meteor Phenomena. By Ernst Öpik. (PDF)

 I. Theory of the Formation of Meteor Craters.

 II. The Possible Consequences of the Collisions of Meteors in Space.

Nº 7. Über Lichtstrahlung während der Sonnenfinsternis am 21. August 1914 in Üxküll. Von J. Wilip. (PDF)




Fig. 3