Vol. XXV - 1924

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Vol. XXV - 1924








L'observatorie Astronomique de L'université


de Tartu (Dorpat)


Tome XXV


NºNº 1-7 (1922-1924)



Nº 1. A Statistical Method of Counting Shooting Stars and its application to the Perseid Shower of 1920. By. E. Öpik. (PDF)

Nº 2. Notes on Stellar Statistics and Stellar Evolution. By E. Öpik. (PDF)

Nº 3. Photographic Observations of the Brightness of Neptune. Method and preliminary results. By E. Öpik. (PDF)


Abbreviation Used (PDF)



Nº 4.

 I. Results of Double-Count Observations of the Perseids in 1921. By E. Öpik. (PDF)

 II. Radiants of Meteors observed in August, 1920 and 1921, at Tashkent. Discussed by E. Öpik. (PDF)

 III. Observations of Meteors in the years 1911-1920. By Prof. K. Pokrovsky. (PDF)


Nº 5. On the Luminosity-Curve of Components of Double-Stars. By E. Öpik. (PDF)

Nº 6. Statistical Studies of Double Stars. Second paper: On the distribution of Relative Luminosities and Distances of Double Stars in the Harvard Revised Photometry north of declination -31º. By E. Öpik. (PDF)

Nº 7. Photographic Observations of the Brightness of Neptune. Second paper: Variability and Period of Rotation. By E. Öpik and R. Livländer. (PDF)




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